Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Bagged ?...I wouldn't put my money on it.... has reported that two hunters have shot and killed a Bigfoot and have it stored in their fridge. No joke. I am a very open minded person, I believe in Aliens without a doubt and I defiantly believe there are many things on this planet we have no yet seen. But Bigfoot has always been a hard one to make sense of. With the amount of forests humans have torn down and colonized you would think we might have found one by now. To make this story even more ridiculous one of the supposed finders of this Bigfoot is a cop who is currently on leave after shooting himself in the foot during a chase of a robber. I want to know why a cop would shoot this animal in the first place, you would think a cop would have enough sense to think the situation out better. It's a rare animal we know nothing about, that could have a family and could be incredibly smart. And the guy shoots it, and than claims to stuff it in his if there are Aliens I don't blame them for not coming down more often...humans are a mess. Anyways I hope to hear more on this, I also hope that if it turns out to be true that they leave the others alone or at least have better methods of study than a 12 gauge. Stupid hicks and their guns.

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