Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cloned Puppies....I dunnnnno how this will turn out.

Bernann McKinney has been given 5 puppies that are clones of her dead pit bull. The whole thing cost her about $50,000 and all they needed for cloning was a piece of skin from the dead animal. I understand missing a loved animal, recently one of my pets passed away. But I am against cloning, it`s not like the clones will act like her old dog, they will just have the same genetic makeup, no personality or soul transfer will be taking place. Cloning is a very new technology and is still very sketchy, I would not want a bunch of clone pit bulls running around my house, screw that. For $50,000 get a new puppy, go on a vacation, get a sac, have one hell of a doggy funeral. Healing will follow. People love throwing their money into foolishness. The procedure was done by a South Korean bio-tech firm called RNL Bio. Supposedly this trend has been starting to catch on....My friends, Zombies will soon take over the earth..Don`t say I didn`t warn ya. Grab some hockey gear and a tire iron and you will be fine. Here`s a picture of the puppies.

***Photo By Jin Han Hong/AP

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