Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rumored Dark Knight game

1up.com has reported that there is indeed a Dark Knight game in development, the article goes on to say that the game is facing multiple problems. The first is the fighting system and camera, both are rumoured to be very clunky and repetitive. According to 1up's source the game is being developed by Pandemic which is currently hard at work polishing Mercenaries 2. No release date has been announced for The Dark Knight which seems to be a good thing considering the state it's in. The movie was incredible but that doesn't mean the game will be, movie to game adaptions are usually rushed and targeted at younger audiences. Hopefully the game fixes up nicely, it sounds like a cool idea. Supposedly the game will be an open-end world like GTA, you will explore the city as The Batman and have access to the bat mobile. One thing I am disappointed in is the fact Heath Ledgers voice wont be in the game. Also the game is rumoured to take place after the movie, what does this mean for Two Face and The Joker?

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