Wednesday, August 13, 2008


To anyone reading this. Busy and frantic day, wont be posting much more..maybe nothing. I am spent... I'm sure all of you have seen the stuff on T.V about Russia and Georgia.  Maybe Not. I am going to write more about this in the coming days, to be honest I want to research it a bit more before I start talking about it. All I know is Russia has invaded the neighboring country of Georgia and lots of people have been killed, probably more citizens than soldiers. That's the way war usually plays out. I don't know the facts behind the attack, but anything that involves Russia or U.S.A invading places really makes me notice. One can only ignore the stuff going on around the world for so long before one has to start seeing. Maybe that made sence. Maybe not. Something  just really doesn't feel right about this whole thing, it's 2008 and countries are still invading each other like it's a school yard. Ahhhh.....anyways take care, till tomorrow.

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