Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vampire Bats kill 38 in small Mukuboina village

It seems like something out of a movie but its all too real for the folks living in the village of Mukuboina. The story starts in Venezuela where it is believed a group of vampire bats were bothered and forced to leave their homes due to mining in the area. Things for the nearby Warao tribe turned really bad after the bats starting making feasting trips into the village. Vampire bats normally aren't known to attack humans unless they have run out of food or feel threatened. Normally being bite wouldn't even be lethal, but mix in the fact that most of those bats have rabies and it gets more difficult. Considering the size of the tribe, estimated around 80 members, this is a huge event for the habbitants. Lets hope the situation gets better, now that it has caught mainstream attention more help should be arriving. A rabies infection is usually cured easily with the right vaccines, its just a matter of getting the vaccines.


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