Wednesday, August 20, 2008 animation that actually looks real.

Check this out, I found this video on It is an example of "Uncanny Valley", the time when computer animation is just on the line between looking real and looking lifeless. Supposedly this type of animation technique is going to be main stream within the next few years, honestly this looks incredible. The eyes are the only part of her that don't look real in my opinion, here take a look for yourself. Here's a writeup from the site " Previous methods for animating faces have involved putting dots on a face and observing the way the dots move, but Image Metrics analyses facial movements at the level of individual pixels in a video, meaning that the subtlest variations - such as the way the skin creases around the eyes, can be tracked. " I can't wait to see stuff like this in video games, here is a link to the site where the video can be found.


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