Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FujiFilm's 3D Camera

It seems 3D might actually be making a comeback since it was ditched so long ago. It makes sense to me, the 80's are back. Sorta. Anyways the camera is being developed by Fuji and has not been announced for a specific date. I was mad before when people tagged drunk pics of me, now they could be in 3D. Shitt. Here's a piece of how Wired.com explained the process going into it " Since the lenses are 6-7cm from each other (or about the same length between most people’s eyes), the Real 3D's camera processes the images in real time to produce the stereoscopic 'trick' effect that makes them look as if they're floating in air. This is where the processing update of Fujitsu's 'Real Photo Processor 3D' chip comes in. " Sounds cool, I hope they learn to implement this into games soon. Gears of War 3 Chainsaw deaths in 3D SUAHDASNHDKAJ. Here's a pic courtesy of Wired.com

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