Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Salvia and Florida. And Madness.

The world's most powerful hallucinogenic herb "Salvia" has been the topic of quite a few stories lately. Right now it is legal in Canada and many other countries and is widely available in many strengths and potency's. If you have done it yourself than you know that is it true madness, there's a video online of some guy trying to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while whacked out on it. The video does the herb justice because you cannot do a damn thing on that stuff besides laugh and drool. Considering the high only lasts about ten minutes the stuff really makes you feel like your out of your body. Back in ancient times seekers in Mexico would have ceremony's with Salvia and take part in soul seeking rituals. Our generation posts videos on youtube... Of course the Americans found out about all this and were the first to start making this herb illegal, In Florida possession or sale can get you up to 15 years prison time. Damn that's a little harsh. Salvia is illegal but cigarettes and Valium are being sold out of corner stores, what a fucked up system. By the way I am not saying that Salvia is a good thing to go out and try, in my opinion it is way too intense... I would prefer a J and a pint of tequila any day.

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Russell Court said...

Salvia leaves you unable to do anything harmful. I have seen too many of my friends and acquaintances go to jail for the rest of their life (atleast their young life) due to consuming mass amounts of valuum and the stupidity it causes. I completely agree on this, I don't recommend salvia but also think it is ridiculous how hard some places are cracking down on it compared to much more harmful drugs and other substances.