Thursday, October 9, 2008

Genius Robber...

I read about this robbery that happened in Washington a few days ago and I gotta spread the word. This shit is so impressive, I wouldn't normally say that either but here it is. So this guy puts an ad on Craig's list pretending to be hiring for a construction job. He tells a few people he wants to have an interview and tells them to wear work related clothes and a breathing mask. He tells them to meet him behind a certain Bank of America at 11 am Tuesday. That same day he walks into the bank dressed in construction clothing and a breathing mask, maces the guard, grabs a bag of cash and leaves out the back. He ends up having an inner tube waiting and takes it down the Skykomish river, that was the last anyone saw of him. When the cops arrived they had multiple suspects waiting at the bank dressed in construction suits and particle masks......Sounds like something out of a movie eh ?.... Right now the FBI are assisting the local police department in the case by tracking answers to the Craig's list article. Honestly I don't think they will be catching this guy any time soon, they got out slicked..

Here's an article King 5 news did-tp://

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