Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Return of the Dozen

D12 has released a new mixtape "Return of the Dozen vol 1". I didn't have high hopes because their last studio album D12 World was a mess, didn't even come close to Devil's Night. I am also sad to say that a Proof-less D12 album just doesn't hold its own. They tried, I respect that. But man, that doesn't mean I will be paying for the album. Oh yeah, NO Eminem in the album either. Poor choice boys. The one good thing is that Bizarre stopped talking all that mad ishh, his stuff was getting old. Was old. Damnn, what a let down. I will say that I am happy they didn't use that same club banging formula 90% of the garbage coming out now days does, but once again. That doesn't mean its good either. R.I.P Proof.

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