Wednesday, October 8, 2008

THC Oranges *HOAX

Irwin Nanofsky has developed oranges which contain THC, the active ingredient in The Pot. It doesn't really surprise me that someones done this honestly, I learned long ago that our food can be messed around with fairly easily. I remember learning in high school that most of the strawberries we eat are modified with fish genes so they will grow in different seasons. Fuckked up shit. That's why I try to buy local as much as possible, all this genetic modification will definitely have effects down the road. Back to the oranges though, the funny thing about this story is the creator ended up sending a few pouches of seeds out to some of his colleagues and friends. So even if his little operation gets shut down for legal issues, there are still potential plants out there. Here's a link to the article, it's pretty long but definitely a cool story. I am wondering if something like this will make it big in a place like Amsterdam, both oranges and pot are legal there so why not.

Here's the original article-

*Turned out to be a HOAX, props to the JC for that.

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