Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know about CKDU, it's independent radio and it's easy to get a show if you want one. You can tune in anytime if you are in the Halifax area to 88.1 on the Fm diallllll tone. The station tends to have some pretty random shows but that's what helps keep it fresh. Radio in Halifax is hurting, no let me rephrase that. Mainstream music is hurting.......C100 is the death of sound.....Anyone interested in getting an hour or so a week radio time for free should check out You can do a music show, a talk show or a combination of both. CKDU is located in the Dal sub building, if you don't know where that is than maybe you know where the Dogg Father is. 1$ Hamburgers you can't go wrong with that can ya....can ya. I will be posting more on my upcoming show once I figure out all the schedule stuff. Later

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