Thursday, November 6, 2008

Robot musician

Waseda University has developed a robot complete with set of artificial lungs and lips. The robot is code named WF-4RIV and is still just in the first stages of production. The creators hope to have him capable of playing duets with humna players within the next year or two. The idea of the robot was spawned in 1990 and has taken years of modification to get where it is. Here is a quote from the article "The robot’s tongue has been redesigned to enable the double-tonguing technique – the high-speed playing used throughout the famous ‘Flight of the Bumblee’. It even has an in-built mechanism to create vibrato, which can take human players years to master, that changes the amplitude and frequency of the robot’s airflow." A full video of WF-4RIV and some pictures can be found at

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