Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 worst according to has posted an article listing 10 of the worst jobs on the planet. I am proud to admit that I have worked one of the jobs....yeah dish washing which honestly seems lovely compared to others on the list...I thought the worst on the list was Farm Masturbator, yeah it is what it sounds like. But i was wrong...Medical waste bio hazard cooker takes the cake in my opinion. " What do you do for a living ?" "I burn body parts and other medical waste." MMM MMM....I worked at subway and went home smelling like bread. I wonder if a Medical waste bio hazard cooker goes home smelling like roasted human. Good luck getting laid with that profession.

Here's a link to the article-

I had to include this pic. though the job isn't on the list..what a know that elephant is loving it.


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