Friday, February 27, 2009

1.5 Million year old footprints found...This planet has many secrets.

Researchers have found something that contradicts a lot of ideas on when early man was first around. Footprints of a believed to be early Human ancestor (Homo erectus) have been found on the side of a river located in Kenya. Based off the size of the prints and the space between them researchers believe it was a group averaging a height of about 5'9. It's surreal to think that any of us could leave tracks in the sand somewhere only to have them found millions of years in the future, not only that, but for someone to actually put thought and energy into researching them. I had always thought the idea of Humans only being around for a few thousand years was a load of shit. On a completely different topic but at the same time very similar topic I want to post a link to a video i watched. Take it for what it is, not everything is meant to be taken 100% literal like the names for example. But a lot of it makes sense, look into it yourself. It's the idea that humans could be the result of an extra terrestrial race combing the genes of early human like creatures the Homo erectus for example with something not from earth. In almost all known religions today there is mention of beings or angels coming from the skies and helping man evolve, these beings have many different names and versions but are essentially the same thing. The Sumerians a group of humans thought to be the first of their kind with an advanced alphabet and knowledge of the stars talked about beings from other planets that helped early man and also created them. Even the bible talks about how god created man in his own image. Anyways i have done a lot of looking into the subject and there is a lot of info out there. Here are a few links to a couple videos on the subject of Sumerians, Human origins, and Planet X. It all sounds strange but not nearly as strange as the earth being created in 7 days...I am not saying believe all this word for word, but at least have an open mind. The universe is a giant and complex place, if humans have cloned animals and learned to map entire cell structures in such a short period of time than why is it hard to believe that another species out in space has done the same. Maybe even creating us, in the scheme of everything I believe we are a blink in time. I am sure if a gold fish could grasp the idea of whats outside his fish tank it would blow his little mind. Anyways, here is a link to a few introduction videos on the subject. It's one thing to let ideas like this consume you, it's another to at least admit there is a lot of evidence to support ideas similar to this one. Have an open mind.

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lost said...

thats some scary stuff to think about im not very religous myself but if this second coming of our savior is so called true then could our saviours in fact be the somerians coming in some future date to save us from this catasrophe that may acctually be on its way but if not then instant death may also await some of us and the ones that survive will hopefully leave records of the events for future societies to better prepare themselves also if the government does know more i believe they should tell us wat they know because if we do not help our own kind when a crisis is on its way then how will we be prepared when the real crisis gets here