Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canadian Government UFO information released.

I thought that before I head to CKDU I should show my blog some love. Some exciting news folks, the Canadian Government has released a giant selection of documented UFO cases on their official government website. I believe that a full disclosure in the existence of aliens is only a few years away, they are getting the world ready one tiny step at a time. If you want to check the site out yourself, please do. This could be the biggest news story of all time, period.


My favorite part is how they actually admit they don't know what half the cases are. No more weather balloon explanations. Thanks god.


Nick said...

Heard you talk about this on CKDU : ) Good first show man. Mad respect for using the Bee Gees, haha.

lost said...

finally the government is willing to admit they were lying to some extent but then comes the situation known as secret organizations what are they and what do they know. Maybe the time is almost near that the secret organizations will surface and police relations with the aliens if they are not a threat to us.