Thursday, February 26, 2009

Economy is in chaos...Military Recruiter is busiest she has ever been

I read an article in the Metro paper today, yea I know.... The paper is bland and one sided, but it was the only thing to do on my bus ride to Dartmouth. Anyways, I read an article about the incredible increase in people joining the military. I just found it sad that people are getting so nervous about feeding their family's that they are forced to join something with steady income (The Military). I am not shitting on the military, I believe many join it for the right reasons, but i also believe many join for the wrong ones. Either way, I find that in these tough times it is the higher majority of people (Middle Class, Lower Class) that suffer the hardest. Makes me sick to walk by some CEO's mansion with 6 cars in his driveway knowing some people cant afford basic shelter. I don't hate people with money, I just hate those who have a surplus of it and don't spread any of the love. Than they complain about the crippling economy. Fuck off........

There is my rant for the day :)

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