Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Praises Canada.

American president Barack Obama has expressed his respect for our country in his recent visit to our nations capital stating "I love this country. We could not have a better friend and ally" "I'm looking forward to this being the start of a continued extraordinary relationship between our two countries.". It has been a tradition for newly elected presidents to make their first stop out of America to their friends up north. Bush was arrogant enough to break that tradition and head to Mexico first, but that doesn't matter anymore. Sorry Georgy boy.... Anyways, with how much people seem to shit on America, (I do it myself.) It is a good and necessary ally, regardless of the differences in general culture. Both countries have their corrupt leaders and sheep following them but both countries also have their free spirits and revolutionists...I will admit I still don't know what to think of the recent political events, but I am always going to be suspicious of anyone controlling our laws and taxes...either way this was nice I'm gonna report it as so. good night folks.

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