Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sigourney Weaver on Alien series

Ok Ok, more Aliens movie news. A few months back Sigourney Weaver did an interview with MTV Movies and of course the Alien flicks were talked about. Remember this, without Sigourney Weaver there would be no Alien movie, no sequels, no games. That is why If they were to continue the main series it would have to include her. I am not sexist, but I will admit bad ass female characters are usually a rare occurrence. Sigourney Weaver 's character Ellen Ripley is a perfect example of a tough female character done right. The Alien series only ever made it to the fourth film " Alien Resurrection ", some considered this movie a sell out but I heavily disagree, I thought all four films kept some of the series feel alive. Years later an Aliens Vs Predator movie was made and ended up getting a sequel, this was a movie featuring the creatures from Aliens but it was in no way a true sequel to the Alien series, more of a spin off. A spin off comic book fans and gamers had waited for but never expected to actually receive. So what about Alien 5? during the MTV interview Sigourney Weaver had some words for fans and potential directors.

When asked about the original script for Alien 5 which was never made she had this to say -

“It took place on earth,” she said “Which, I have to say, just really didn’t interest me. And I just felt that every time we went out there, we needed to have a really original piece.”

She went on to say-

“I was all for going back to the original planet; I thought that would be interesting,” she explained. “But I was alone in that; we couldn’t really agree on what would be interesting.”

“Once they were committed to ‘Alien vs. Predator’…If you don’t respect the creature - I haven’t seen them - but it just becomes too hum-drum.”

“Even in twenty years, if someone came to me and said, ‘This is the story, and it’s a really interesting story using that world’ [I’d do it]. I think it’s an amazing saga,” “I don’t sit around thinking, ‘Oh I want to do another Alien,’ but it does feel slightly unfinished to me. But that has a lot to do with Fox, so it wouldn’t surprise me if another generation at Fox, looking at what they have, would [make it work].”

It is so rare to see a famous actor/actress not jump at the chance for some quick $, She genuinely has a respect for these films and even the creatures in them. This is why the series has such a hardcore cult following, this is why Ripley kicks so much ass. I really hope Alien 5 does come out, but only if Sigourney Weaver is in it.

If you are new to the series, JC has posted a video below from the second film which is a classic, and in my opinion the best in the series.

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