Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Electronic Cigs

So I heard a while back about something called E-Cig, a refillable electronic cigarette. I thought the idea sounded weird but definitely believable... As it turns out, E-Cig is real and it is gaining more and more attention everyday. E-Cig is a plastic electronic cigarette that requires batteries, once the E-Cig is powered you can choose different refillable cartridges that contain varied strengths of nicotine. On the E-Cig site they claim a normal smoker (20 cigs every 24 hours) will go through about 4 cartridges in the run of a day. E-Cigs range in price from around 30$-90$ and come in different shapes, sizes and colours depending on the manufacturer. The E-Cig works by storing the nicotine in the mouthpiece, once the user inhales a sensor is triggered and the device heats up and emits vapour. Most of the E-Cig companies claim the product is used for quitting smoking, I think that instead of helping this could just lead to another addiction, but that all depends on the user. The E-Cig may not have as many chemicals in it as a normal Cig but that doesn't mean its healthy. Right now the E-Cig can be used as a loop-hole for indoor smoking since it technically doesn't emit any smoke. I wonder if this technology will be used for other chemicals besides nicotine, THC maybe?

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