Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monkey that had enough

The Samui Express newspaper is reporting that the death of Leilit Janchoom a 48 year old Thai Province resident was due to a blow to the head from a coconut. What makes this story even crazier is the fact that a monkey was believed to have been the one responsible. The paper reports that the man bought the monkey and used him to collect coconuts from high rise trees. It even stated that the man would beat the monkey if he wouldn't go up a certain tree. The death is believed to have been caused by the monkey throwing one of the coconuts at the man from up above. It's a sad but morbidly funny story, the monkey remains at large. The mans wife Uthai was quoted with saying "It seemed lovable. We called him Brother Kwan". Even if the Brother Kwan was lovable, I'm sure he got sick of climbing trees and taking beatings. I don't blame him for throwing a coconut out of frustration.

Here is a picture posted on showing the species of monkey believed to be the killer.

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