Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There is talk all over about OnLive, this "OnLive" was just announced at the Game Developers Conference and could change the way people play video games. The idea of OnLive is different than PC and Consoles and poses an honest threat to both. I will explain the idea behind OnLive as simply as I can. OnLive can be played on either your PC or your T.V, on PC you will play games through a browser plug in, or if you choose to use a T.V you will have to purchase a little box called MicroConsole which connects through HDMI. Either way you go PC or T.V the game will not be downloaded or put on a disk, instead you will play the game directly off the OnLive server. There will be controller as well as mouse and keyboard support. The one issue of playing a game off a server is lag, the higher the resolution you want the game to be in the more strength your Internet connection needs to be. Because of this very reason you do not need a 2000$ dollar computer to play new games, this is due to the fact the server is doing all the work. OnLive will be subscription based and you will be able to rent or buy games. There will also be a friends list just like Xbox Live and a bunch of other features they are working on. This OnLive thing could become a beast, it all depends on three things. Are developers going to make games for it? Are the servers going to be able to handle millions of people playing at once and still remain smooth? and finally, Are people going to buy into the service itself? If all these things happen you could see OnLive become the next step in gaming. Some big name companies have already announced support such as Ubisoft, Epic and EA....There are a two main problems I have with this service. First, if your Internet connection goes out than there are no games to play since everything is done off their servers. Second, if you buy a nice selection of games and OnLive goes bankrupt you lose all of them....Even with those issues I am very very curious to see where this goes, the company plans to release OnLive sometime later this year. Keep your eyes open for this one.

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