Monday, March 23, 2009

Poor Mans Fireworks

Every year in China in a small town called Nuanquan villagers help celebrate The Lantern Festival with a performance called Da shu hua. Da shu hua translates to "beating the tree to produce flowers", the process involves breaking metal down into molten iron and throwing it at a wall. It sounds crazy and looks even crazier especially considering the people throwing the molten metal are only protected by a hat and a coat made of sheepskin. But the villagers say that the performance is not dangerous as long as you are not afraid to die. Honestly who are we to judge this, in North America we can watch people placed in a cage battling with their fists, elbows and knees, instead of brutality we call it UFC. This process seems pretty Innocent considering. Over the 500 years this has been going on there have been very few injuries which may surprise a lot of people. This performance was first used almost 500 years ago as a cheap substitute for fire works. I would love to see this performance in person, just not take part in it. One stray molten spark into the eye and you are in a world of misery.

Here is a video of the event-

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