Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Review

Ok...I finally beat it. And I will start by saying if you have ever played Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube and PS2 than you will feel right at home here. The controls are very easy to pick up but also have some depth to them. The fact that you cannot shoot and move at the same time has pissed off some people but anyone that has been playing Resident Evil since PlayStation 1 knows that's just the way it is, this isn't Gears of War 5. The story line is pretty straight forward but to people who know the back story it really does a good job filling in a lot of questions especially about Wesker, but i wont go into that. The graphics are extremely well done and have a great way of sucking you into the atmosphere. The characters are also top notch, a little over the top, but that is why we love Resident Evil. In terms of game play, there is a lot of shooting and a lot of upgrading. You can use money or jewels you find in the stages to upgrade and purchase new weapons and items, this gives it an RPG like feel. One of my only complaints with this game was the fact you can't combine jewels or add pieces to you weapons like in RE4, seemed like a step backwards to me. Either way, they really did a nice job with the items and weapons. You can get everything from a Stun Baton to an AK47, each weapons being good for certain situations. One of the best factors in this game is the replay value it has, you can play co-op and you can replay the game on higher difficulties to get new weapons, items, costumes, even graphics filters. You also can unlock mercenaries mode which is a test of how long you can survive and how many zombies you can kill before the timer runs out. It is a nice touch that can help unlock even more stuff. I played through the first time on single player because I wanted to take my time with everything and not be fighting with someone over bullets. I have played co-op briefly since beating it and I will say that it really is done well, very smooth and very fun. The game is action packed but also has some pretty creepy moments, especially when you are running low on health and ammo....Capcom has announced they are releasing a content pack which will include online versus mode, the pack will cost 5$ on both Xbox Live and PSN. I am very interested to see how this will work.

Verdict- All in all I am giving this game a 9.5 out of 10....I have always been into Resident Evil so I understand how someone new to the series could give it a lower mark, but even than. This game is well done no matter how you look at it from the amazing graphics to the gameplay. Keep up the good work Capcom.

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switchpoint said...

i totally agree with ur score dude im somewhat new to the resident evil story when i played the game and i stilled enjoyed it especially the online play it was totally worth the experience o and what about that part where chris beats a rock into the lava now thats just funny but i still loved it