Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Russia to spend $140 billion by 2011 on weapons...seriously?

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has revealed his plans to amp up Russia's military power by expanding and spending almost $140 billion in the process. Analysts say that higher oil revenues have given the Russian government more cash to spend on their military. This news really makes me sick, there are starving people killing each other all over the world. Genocides are happening daily and countries turn their heads and are spending billions to get more and more weapons, we are really a troubled species. Think of it this way, $140 billion dollars is more than enough to give everyone on the planet a few dollars, that is really saying a lot. I understand that there will always be poverty, but that doesn't mean that I can help but be pissed off at this shit. As Humans, we don't deserve the power we have, from nukes to AK47's. Things seem to have improved in the last couple hundred years, but there is still PLENTY of room to improve more. As civilians all we can do is spread the word and help open peoples eyes to the corruption of the worlds leading governments. I saw a video online the other day of 5 people getting burned alive in Africa for supposedly being witches, the worlds governments should spend more money on educating and helping people instead of putting more guns into peoples hands. Some parts of the world seem to have taken a step forward while others seem to be getting worst and worst. That video really opened my eyes, made me feel very lucky to be where I am. If I was an alien looking down at earth, I would consider it one scary fuckin place.

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