Sunday, March 29, 2009


Some REALLY random news for you. Remember the ShamWow guy? (the douche bag who is on T.V once every twenty minutes or so trying to sell his absorbent cloths). Well his real name is Vince Shlomi and I know I am not the only person who noticed something was a little off with this dude. As it turns out Vince Shlomi is a weirdo, and one that will probably be doing some time behind bars. Vince Shlomi was arrested last month, he is accused of punching a prostitute named Lenea Harris who he met at a nightclub in Miami. Supposedly this is how it all went down, Vince offered the prostitute $1000 dollars for her services, they start kissing and the prostitute took a hold of Vince's tongue with her teeth. Vince than reportedly hit the prostitute numerous times until she let his tongue free, Vince than left the place and called the authorities.... Now for his actions he is facing prison time and felony battery charges... If Vince Shlomi does end up serving time his ass will be absorbing more abuse than his product.

Here is the original trailer-

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The man is ugly no matter how you look at him, but damn that is one rough mug shot. Lets see how long it takes before this commercial is stripped off cable television once and for all. Thank fuck.

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kkklly. said...

youre kidding me ahah.
it would be awesome if they took it off though.