Monday, March 2, 2009

Sony Shuffle

Sony has announced they are changing around a few of their company's divisions and trying a new plan. A few months ago the company layed off over 8,000 employees. Sony is taking a beating, blame the economy or Sony's smug approach. Either way, something needed to be done. I would love to see the PS3 become the mad man PS2 was. Maybe this will improve things.

Here is an outline of the plan

"Sony Corp president Ryoji Chubachi steps down, his position will be replaced by Sony CEO

Sony Computer Entertainment, VAIO, Walkman and Sony Media Software will be merged into
The Networked Products & Services Group starting April 1, 2009

The goal of the new group is to develop a common service platform across Sony products

Kazuo Hirai will be leading the Networked Products & Services Group, also the president of SCE

Kunimasa Suzuki will become Senior VP of Sony Corporation and Deputy President of this group

The Bravia LCD TV, Cyber-shot digital camera and Audio & Video Operations will merge into The New Consumer Products Group
Hiroshi Yoshioka, the head of Bravia, will be leading this group

Sony will create a new Software & Technology, Manufacturing and Procurement teams across divisions to bolster connectivity of products & services and save costs."

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switchpoint said...

i would love to see sony back on its high horse again myself not that xbox is bad and all but im kinda tired of seeing microsoft trying to buy everything out even if it doesnt threaten them in anyway