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Diablo III

As you have most likely heard "Diablo III" will be coming out. When this game is scheduled to be released is any one's guess and knowing Blizzard (The company that created "Warcraft", "Starcraft", and "Diablo Series") we may be waiting quite some time before we can enter back into the world of Sanctuary. For everyone that is unfamiliar with the "Diablo" series, the games revolve around a war between Heaven and Hell. The game takes place in what feels like medieval times, in a world called Sanctuary. The main antagonists of the series are three Prime Evils called Mephisto (Lord of Hatred), Baal (Lord of Destruction) and the game's name sake Diablo (Lord of Terror).

I'm going to give you all a brief, but detailed explanation of what has happened in the "Diablo" Series as of right now...

Prior to Diablo I:
It all began when Azmodan and Belial lead a revolt with many of Hells' lessor demons to exile the Prime Evils. This lead to the Dark Exile, where Mephisto, Diablo and Baal were forced out of the Burning Hells and sent to the world of Sanctuary. This lead the archangel Tyrael to create a group of mortal heroes called the "Horadrim" and entrusted them with the task defeating and imprisoning the Prime Evils. To complete their task, Tyrael bestowed the "Horadrim" with Soulstones, which would be used to imprison the three Prime Evils. The first Prime Evil to be captured was Mephisto, he was found near the jungles of Kehjistan and was imprisoned under a Zakarum temple (this would later become Kurast from Diablo II). Next to be hunted down was Baal. The "Horadrim" managed to track him down to the desert outside of Lut Gholein. When the "Horadrim" attempted to imprison Baal they found that his Soulstone had been damaged. This forced the leader of the "Horadrim", Tal Rasha, to sacrifice his life to imprison Baal. Tal Rasha was chained up to a burning tablet and the damaged Soulstone containing Baal was placed in his chest. Diablo was the last Prime Evil to be captured, and was imprisoned in his Soulstone by a group of "Horadrim" monks, led by Jared Cain (Great Grandfather of Deckard Cain). The monks then buried Diablo's Soulstone near the river Talsande in Khanduras. They then built a Horadric Monastery with a network of catacombs on top of the Soulstone's burial site. Over time the town of Tristram is created around the Horadric Monastery. As the years pass the Horadric Monastery is abandoned, and with no quests left to complete the "Horadrim" fade away and become nothing more than history and legend. Time continues to pass until an eastern lord named Leoric comes to Tristram and declares himself the King. He then turns the abandoned Horadric monastery into a Zakarum cathedral.

Diablo I:
Over the years Diablo's Soulstone had started to weaken, allowing him to use his telepathic ability to communicate with Tristram's Archbishop Lazarus. He manipulated Lazarus into finding his Soulstone and used him in his attempts to possess King Leoric. Leoric bravely struggled not to fall into Diablo's possession, but the mental strain of resisting the demon ended up driving the King into madness. Leoric began to imprison and kill anyone who would not follow his orders or was foolish enough to question his authority. The King continued to make irrational decisions and decided to go to war with the kingdom of Westmarch. Meanwhile, Diablo convinced Lazarus to kidnap Leoric's only son, Prince Albrecht. Albretch was then possessed by Diablo who uses the boy's body to become his true form. The captain of Leoric's army, Lachdanan, comes back from the terrible war and decides he has to no choice, but to kill the insane Leoric for the good of Tristram. Lachdanan kills the King, but not before the King manages to curse him and his men with his dying word. As Lachdanan and his guards go to bury the King, he is resurrected from the ground as the Skeleton King. Lazarous continues to do Diablo's bidding and leads a group of Tristram villagers into the cathedral to be killed by the Butcher Demon. This caused many of Tristram's inhabitants to abandon the town and lead to the arrival of a single mortal warrior. The warrior then fought his way through the cathedral killing the Butcher, Lazarous and finally Diablo. As the warrior defeated Diablo he took the Soulstone and decided the only way to contain the demon would be to stick the Soulstone into himself. As the warrior plunged the Soulstone into his forehead, he had fulfilled Diablo's true wish of finding a worthy host.

Diablo II:
The peace in Tristram is short lived, as the warrior's good intentions of containing the demon cause him to become the Dark Wanderer. He is unable to stand the powers of Diablo within the Soulstone and ends up becoming the perfect host for the demon to become his true form. The Dark Wanderer leaves the town of Tristram with a crazy man named Marius. As the Dark Wanderer is leaving Tristram, the town is attacked by a group of demons. Shortly thereafter, a group of mortal heroes come to Tristram to hunt down the Dark Wanderer. The heroes enter Tristram, and find the town infested with demons. They are then informed that the Dark Wanderer has headed east towards Lut Gholein, but the path to follow him is being blocked by the demoness Andariel. The heroes defeat Andariel in the catacombs, and are given a ride on Warriv's caravan to Lut Gholein. Meanwhile, the Dark Wanderer is completely consumed by Diablo's possession. Diablo and Marius enter Tal Rasha's Tomb and go in search of Tal Rasha's body ,which is holding Baal's Soulstone. As the Dark Wanderer (Diablo) approaches Tal Rasha's chained up body to obtain Baal's Soulstone, he is suddenly attacked by the archangel Tyrael. As the demon and angel start to fight, Baal manipulates Tal Rasha's body. He manages to convince Marius to pull out Baal's Soulstone by telling him that it is causing him unbearable pain. Suddenly time seems to freeze and Tyrael tells Marius he may have doomed everyone in Sanctuary. He then goes on to explain that Marius must enter the Burning Hells and take Baal's Soulstone to be destroyed on the Hellforge. As Tyrael becomes over powered by Tal Rasha and the Dark Wanderer, he is forced to flee from the tomb. The Dark wanderer then sets out with Tal Rasha towards Travincal to free Mephisto. Marius follows the pair unnoticed, hoping that they may lead him closer to the Hellforge. As the heroes reach Tal Rasha's tomb they are forced to fight a demon named Duriel. After the group defeats Duriel they are visited by Tyrael who informs them that the Dark Wanderer and Tal Rasha are attempting to free Mephisto. The heroes then set out towards Kurast in Meshif's boat. Mephisto is set free by the Dark Wanderer, who then finally transforms into Diablo's true demon form. Mephisto, Tal Rasha and Diablo open up a portal to the Burning Hells. Mephisto then instructs Diablo to go though the portal and bring some terror back into hell. Not long after Diablo leaves for hell, the heroes find and defeat Mephisto. They then enter the portal to the Burning Hells so that they can find and kill Diablo. The heroes find Diablo in the Chaos Sanctuary, where they manage to put the demon down and take his Soulstone. They then take Mephisto and Diablo's Soulstones to the Hellforge and shatter them with a Hellforge Hammer. The heroes' victory is short lived as they get news that Baal has gathered a demonic army to march on Arreat. As you find out, Marius didn't have the courage to enter the Burning Hells and destroy Baal's Soulstone. This allowed Baal to hunt down Marius and trick him into thinking he was Tyrael. He then got Marius to give him his Soulstone and killed the crazy old man. The heroes then set out to kill Baal and destroy his Soulstone for good. The heroes fight valiantly against the demon and manage to defeat him. Unfortunately, at the end of the game we find out that Baal had gone under the mountain's summit so he could corrupt a object of great power called the Worldstone. In the end, Tyrael decides the Worldstone needs to be destroyed even though the consequences of his actions will be unknown. Tyrael throws his sword into the Worldstone, which then begins to shatter into many little pieces.
As the game ends we are left to believe that Baal's Soulstone is destroyed and that the people of Sanctuary will now be able to live in peace.

Where Diablo III will Begin
The new game is supposed to start with an unknown object hitting the exact same spot where Diablo first appeared in Tristram. We are told that the heroes of the last game were driven into madness after all the horrible things they had witnessed trying to defeat the Prime Evils. Lastly, we are told that demons are starting to attack the people of Sanctuary.

Whats New
"Diablo III" will be sporting a great new set of visuals. You will finally be able to see the smaller details of your characters and actually get a decent look at them (in comparison to "Diablo I & II") . The environment will now be a lot more interactive and will help assist in your battle against the demons. Monsters will drop health that is picked up automatically now, instead of the old belt and potion theme. The game will have many new monsters all with a unique and special deaths. Their will be loads on new rune words, items, skills, and enemies.
There will be five characters to choose from and this time around you will be able to pick their gender. So far four characters have been revealed: Barbarian (Classic character, uses lots of swords, spears, axes, a big melee character), Wizard (Magic Character, uses lots of elemental spells like ice, fire, and electricity), Witch Doctor (Reminds me of the Necromancer, uses a lot of voodoo, has attacks like throwing flaming skulls and raising an undead wall), and the Archivist (old looking person, who uses pen and parchment to cast powerful spells).

My Thoughts
I have been a huge fan of this series ever since "Diablo II" came out. I got pulled into both games because of their great music and dark atmospheres. The games always have great plots, many different quests to complete and an insane amount of items to collect. The gameplay becomes extremely addictive soon as you start playing online. It becomes a competition between friends to see who can have the strongest character and find the best gear. I have personally spent more hours then I would like to admit playing "Diablo II" , and am looking forward to seeing if Blizzard can make yet another sick game.

Click "here" ,for more information on the "Diablo" series and for the latest news on
"Diablo III".

Here is a Cinematic Trailer for "Diablo III", compliments of Blizzard Co.

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