Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gecko Claws

Some of the cast from the Discovery Channel have made a pair of Gecko Claws, these claws use similar technology to actual Gecko feet. Geckos have the ability to climb surfaces due to tiny hook like features on their footpads, here is some info that I didn't know until today (courtesy of Wikipedia) -
" Every square millimeter of a gecko's footpad contains about 14,000 hair-like setae. Recent studies of the spatula tipped setae on gecko footpads demonstrate that the attractive forces that hold geckos to surfaces are van der Waals interactions between the finely divided setae and the surfaces themselves. Teflon which can resist van der Waals forces, is the only known surface to which a gecko cannot stick "
Obviously the claws in this video are not near as complex as real gecko feet but it is still exciting to see how close we are getting to mimicking the technology for human use. Imagine the possibilities, I know I'm not the only guy thinking Spiderman gloves would be awesome.

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