Sunday, April 5, 2009

Harrison Ford, The MAN.

Ok, so I was really never crazy about Harrison Ford, I would have named 100 actors before I named him. He was Han Solo and Indiana Jones I know, I just never cared much for the actor himself, that all changed the other day. I was at work and happened to read an article about him, I have to say after reading about his life I have mad respect for this guy. I will first explain how he got his first major break into the movie industry. Harrison Ford happened to be making cabinets at George Lucas's home back in the 70's, this was before Star Wars and before anyone really knew who Harrison Ford or George Lucas was. While Ford was making the cabinet George Lucas decided he was the perfect guy for a role in American Graffiti. Months later Harrison Ford was cast a minor role in the film. After gaining that role and a few other minor T.V and movie appearances Harrison Ford was moving his way up fast. He appeared in Apocalypse Now which became a huge hit and helped jump start other actors careers including Laurence Fishburne who had to lie about his age for the role, but that's another story. Harrison Fords biggest break came in 1977, he was a construction guy on the set of Star Wars. George Lucas had been looking for an actor to play the role of Han Solo, Harrison Ford ended up getting asked to read a few lines for the character, him reading those couple lines convinced George Lucas that Harrison Ford was the man for the job. The rest is history. Harrison Ford went on to play Indian Jones and starred in some major movies including Blade Runner...It's not just his movie roles that impressed me, its his real life to. In 2000 Harrison Ford rescued a hiker in Wyoming in his fucking helicopter, no joke. Imagine being that hiker, stranded and scared, than out of nowhere Harrison Ford shows up in a Helicopter and saves the day. That could make a movie itself. Here is a bit from an article I read on the situation, apparently Harrison Ford has saved someone before. What a guy.

"Ford, a part-time Jackson resident who routinely offers his flying skills and helicopter for rescue missions, joined a search for a missing Utah Boy Scout who had wandered off a trail Monday and spent a cold night alone in the secluded forest, said the Teton County Sheriff's Office in Wyoming. After two hours of searching, Ford and another rescuer found 13-year-old Cody Clawson, about 10 miles from a Boy Scout camp at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. He landed nearby to whisk the soggy, cold, tired and hungry scout to safety.

This was not the first time that Ford has participated in a successful rescue mission. Last July, he plucked an Idaho Falls, Idaho, hiker off 11,106-foot Table Mountain in Teton County. Megan Freeman climbed the mountain, but altitude sickness and dehydration left her ill and unable to climb down. Ford picked her up and flew her to a nearby hospital."

Harrison Ford is also well known for his Nature Conservation, he even had a species of ant and spider named after him. I have heard he can be cranky, but who isn't at times. This guy is the shiznit, Hands down. Between saving hikers, the environment and kicking the Empires ass, this guy's over the top.

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