Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm gonna keep this article short, I just have to share this. A woman in Bournemouth UK has glued her eyes shut by mistaking a bottle of nail glue for her eye drops... Paula Griffin woke up one night with blurred vision, she grabbed the "Eye Drops" from the bathroom cabinet and than shit hit the fan. I guess this could happen to anyone, the bottles do slightly resemble eachother. Paula hasnt been told if there will be any long term damage yet, here is what she had to say-

"I was still really tired and I couldn't see very well, so I stumbled into the bathroom and picked the bottle off the shelf.
"As soon as I squeezed it, I knew something was wrong.
"I managed to stop it hitting the centre of the eye, and doctors told me later that it saved me from permanent damage.
"It was agonising. It was burning so much it was my natural instinct to shut my eye.
"But as soon as I did, my eyelashes stuck fast together and I couldn't open my eye again."

So there you have it... Thanks to for the picture and information.

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