Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Parkour AKA Real Spidermen

"Parkour" is something I was first introduced to a few years ago, I have always found this way of life very interesting. Parkour is a lot like an extreme sport or a martial art, it takes years of practise and a load of dedication especially considering the dangers involved. It is the ability to test the limits of the human body, moving from one point to another as smooth and efficiently as possible. Parkour can be applied to almost any environment, from busy urban streets to the forest. Here is a video showing two brothers that are obviously very advanced in the practise... Give these guys a costume and some combat training and you got some real Avengers. I have included a link to the Wiki page on Parkour, I have also included a Wiki on David Belle who is considered to be the father of Parkour (He even starred in the movie District B13 which featured many difficult stunts.)

Parkour Wiki-
David Belle Wiki-

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