Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Part Of Out Heritage!

While fooling around on YouTube a few days back, I stumbled upon Canada's classic public service announcements (PSA) campaign, "A Part Of Our Heritage". If you don't remember, these PSAs were all about honouring famous Canadian inventors, individuals and events . They were used to teach us all about Canadian history and to make you feel proud about coming from Canada.
Many of these PSAs were just plain funny, containing hilarious one liners and some ridiculous acting. Even though the PSAs were a little over the top, they had great production value and really managed to get their message across.
This campaign must have went on for awhile considering their is over 30 different little PSAs.
They were always stuck on Canadian channels, and used to be played all the time in between shows or advertisements. Now you will probably only see them on YouTube or at 3:00am in the morning when they also throw in the timeless "Hinterlands Who's Who" PSAs (Classic Canadian Animal PSAs).

Here is some of the best "A Part Of Our Heritage" moments:


Winnie the Pooh

Sam Steele, a policeman and legend of Klondike........this one is comical

Irish Orphans

The Creation of Basketball.....Classic and has its laughs

Baffin Island

Peacemaker.... has great visual effects for back in the day

Flag Committee Room... this may be the funniest one of all, the actors expressions, such as his held tilt are just too damn funny. Also, try to find what is wrong with the last few sentences said by the actor to his colleagues. (If you can't figure it out read the note below this video)

*Note- The actor is in a dark room by himself and when people come to his door he says "I was just talking about you".... I know its only a PSA, but its a lot more funny to actually imagine he was talking to himself.

Halifax Explosion... one for all of us Nova Scotians

Underground Railroad... makes you really proud to be Canadian

Women in Medicine... This lady owns both the professor and the smart ass of the class

And now for the most memorable and my favourite of the PSAs

Superman....look how excited this guy gets throughout the clip

And as a bonus I'll give you a "Hinterlands Who's Who" SPOOF PSA

Wood Spider.... Hard to tell its fake until halfway through

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