Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools, Yeah. Even you JC.

Lionhead Studios announced early this morning that Peter Jackson has been chosen to be the director for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. The film will begin shooting sometime near the years end and is rumoured to have the biggest film budget of all time. Only a couple actors have been announced for roles in the film, Mickey Rourke and Brad Pitt are among the top names. The story line is said to mix different aspects from the numerous Warcraft games, an estimated release of "Winter, 2011" has been announced by Lionhead Studios. WOW.

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JC said...

WTF!!! did I not say on Saturday that they should make a "Diablo" movie and look what gets announced. Damn WoW!!! I said if they got a big budget a sick director and amazing actors it could be done and look what happens!!!