Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Rumours have been floating around for a while about a PSP2, it would make sense considering the PSP has been out since 2005. Also considering Nintendo has recently launched the new DSi, Sony needs a trick up their sleeve. Pocket Gamer has reported that they have spoken to a developer working on the new system, supposedly they even have a concept picture. If this picture is accurate than the new PSP2 will feature two analogs sticks(there has been a lot of complaints about the original PSP's lack of a second analog) and a sliding screen, also it is rumoured that Sony is ditching the UMD format and instead going to some sort of download or flash memory based games. Another feature rumoured to be included in the PSP2 is a touch screen, a direct stab at Iphone and Nintendo Ds. Right now all this is just a rumour, but with PSP doing pretty sluggish in sales and E3 coming up it would be a good time to start the hype machine for a successor. Chances are we will find out all in May at E3 2009.

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