Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seriously...What Was She Thinking???

Last Friday afternoon at the Berlin Zoo a woman was attacked by a polar bear. The woman had decided to climb over the fence and enter the polar bear's habitat during its regular feeding time. While the woman was in the moat she was "attacked and bitten" by a polar bear named Knut. The woman's life was saved by a group of zoo workers, they managed to distract Knut and lift the woman to saftey using rescue rings. She suffered serious injuries and was brought to the hospital to be treated. The woman was given a citation for trespassing by the police and its still unknown why she climbed into the polar bear's habitat.

I seriously don't feel bad for this woman at all, not unless she has some serious mental illnesses. When is it ever a intelligent idea to climb into an animal's cage? The fence is not just there to keep the polar bear inside, but to also keep you the hell out.
There are so many questions I would love to ask this lady. "Why did you climb over the fence?", "Did you realize that Polar Bears aren't domesticated?", or even "Why didn't you at least wait until feeding time was over?".
I don't blame Knut for getting a little aggressive with the lady! The polar bear is about to get his eat on and all of the sudden a big juicy lady comes flying onto his dinner plate. What do you expect is going to happen?, Knut is used to eating on a schedule and would probably devour anything thrown into his moat.

Here is the video of how the lady was rescued.
*Don't worry its not that graphic

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