Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Thin Speakers

University of Warwick engineers have developed a new type of speaker, and get this, it's less than 0.25mm thick. Steve Couchman who happens to be the CEO of Warwick Audio Technologies thinks that they are onto something huge - "We believe this is a truly innovative technology. Its size and flexibility means it can be used in all sorts of areas where space is at a premium. Audio visual companies are investigating its use as point of sale posters for smart audio messaging and car manufacturers are particularly interested in it for its light weight and thinness, which means it can be incorporated into the headlining of cars, rather than lower down in the interior."
I have heard of similar "super thin" technologies being used for screens and other types of displays, imagine what we will see when these technologies become easy to produce and cost effective. Talking posters, clothes that can play music, video game systems that you could fold and put into your pocket, the possibilities are endless.

The picture included shows Steve Couchman with an actual flat speaker, courtesy of Warwicks website.

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