Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The UroClub

This may be the weirdest product I've ever seen advertised. The UroClub looks like a golf club with an oddly large shaft, but this five iron won't be used to hit any golf balls in the near least I hope to god not.

So why do I sound a little creeped out by this product and what is it's function???
Well the UroClub is actually used to urinate in....yes you piss in the shaft in the middle of the the golf course, but don't worry about feeling exposed because it comes with a cloth to put in front of your junk. This is suppose to make it less awkward then going to pee in the bushes or trees.
I don't know about any of you people, but I have never found it that difficult to find a spot to take a piss on a golf course. I think it would look a lot weirder to see someone unscrew the top of a big golf club and then proceed to put a cloth over the front of his body, than it would too see someone walk behind a bush to use the washroom.

Anyways, here is the advertisement for the product, Enjoy!

It's only $24.95, what a great deal ...hahaha

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