Friday, August 28, 2009

Jurassic Park 4 real?

The idea of Jurassic Park really isn't that far fetched, with how far science has come is it really that hard to clone a prehistoric animal? yes and no. There is a huge debate in the scientific community about the evolution of dinosaurs, some believe the secret rests in something that is probably in your fridge or your belly, chicken, that's right. A well respected Canadian paleontologist Hans Larsson of the Canadian Research Chair at Macro Evolution is convinced that by tweaking certain genetic information during a chicken embryo development he will be able to create dinosaur anatomy. I am starting to hear a lot more about this bird/dinosaur connection, even if you think this is a load of shit, at least admit to yourself that you hope this man succeeds, yeah abuse of science, fuck it, living dinosaurs would be the snaps, end of story.

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