Monday, September 28, 2009

PSN might be gettin some Dreamcast love

Rumour has it that the PlayStation Network might be getting some Sega classics comin its way. According to IGN.COM this is what the supposed leaked document included-

  • Sony's motion controller is set for a March 2010 release date in Japan. SEGA is working with Sony on possible games to integrate motion controls, including Virta Tennis.

  • SEGA is looking to bring a collection of Dreamcast titles to PlayStation Network, saying they'll provide a list of games that Sony can then pick and choose to have exclusively first before, presumably, being released on Xbox Live.

  • Marked "confidential," Sony apparently wants to sell "all PS2 titles on PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/etc),"

  • A Bayonetta collector's edition is also in the works, which is to include an action figure. A demo for game is also discussed for around the December holiday, with the game's ship date currently planned for January 5 2010.

  • SEGA is considering releasing full Japanese games in a special import store on PlayStation Network, including the Yakuza series. These titles would be priced between $10 to $40, and could receive localized menus.

  • A new "Best of Sonic" Blu-ray disc, with all the old sonic games on one disc is mention. Possibly priced at $99. SCEA is interested in PSN exclusive modes and power ups.

    No way to know of this is the product of a prankster or some ghoul with too much time on his hands but you'd have to be hard pressed to waste your time typing that list up. I hope this is legit...Dreamcast was my favorite system of all time, way ahead of itself when it first came out. PSO stole hours. PSST, Sega...bring back PSO, you're broke as fuck as it is, why not give it a dipsy.

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