Thursday, October 29, 2009


If you grew up in the 90's and owned an N64 or had a friend who did chances are you know what Goldeneye is, a game that stole the hours and lunch-breaks away from children for years and years. I remember back in my elementary days running to my buddies house at lunch where we would play Goldeneye and eat raw Mr.Noodles. The game is a classic but recently I tried to play it and I just couldn't get into it again, the graphics are muddy and the frame rate is slow and sloppy. In the past couple years there have been a few Goldeneye related games released, one was a fan made remake on the Source engine which was really great but not complete and the other was a terrible shooter released by EA games, neither were a true sequel or remake.... Well I got some good news, hopefully. is reporting that an animators resume has been leaked showing his work experience on an upcoming game titled Goldeneye 2010, a game that he claims will be released for the Wii. No information has been given so there is a lot of speculation, is it the same game just re-vamped or is it an original Goldeneye, only time will tell. Come on Nintendo, you haven't exactly been loyal to your fans lately, a remake of Goldeneye might make up for that...I will update with more info when it gets released.

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