Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar Review

I can't really say much about Avatar without giving away surprises and plot twists so I will keep this to a minimum. Avatar from beginning to end is a great example of fusing great characters with incredible action, stunning visuals and a living breathing environment. James Cameron has done it again, there was not one moment in this movie where I was bored or waiting for the end, that's saying a lot considering the movie was just under 3 hours. Avatar is a movie that will appeal to a great number of people, it's a great example of how to craft a movie to appeal to a large audience. The action was there, the story was there, the world felt real and full of life, in-fact, I miss it.
          I have thought a lot of the plot since I saw it last night and I gotta say, I'm really impressed with the depth this film had, it covers everything from human nature and environmental issues to animal rights. All the while it stays true to itself and remains an enjoyable adventure that totally sucked me in until the credits rolled. The character progression was also something that they pulled off nicely, I actually cared about the characters and it was interesting to see how they evolved throughout the story.
          I saw it on the IMAX 3D and I would advise you to as well, whatever Cameron did with those cameras really payed off, this movie had the best visuals and CGI I have ever seen, period. All this was made even more absorbing with the use of 3D, before seeing this I was afraid the movie would rely too much on its visuals, but it didn't. This movie has it all. Oh yeah, I hope you like blue.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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