Friday, December 18, 2009

China bans personal websites....

In one of biggest shocks in recent years the Chinese government has announced a full fledged ban on registering new chinese public domain names. What does this mean? It means the people of China will have a much harder time voicing their thoughts and opinions on the internet. Even worst could be the fact that China plans to shut down existing public sites so only businesses and organizations will have access to domains. All this was announced on The China Internet Network Information System earlier this week. China is moving more and more towards a full fledged dictatorship, increasing clashes between government workers and angry civilians are resulting in blood-shed. For the time being I cannot overstate how happy I am to live in Canada, today I feel a whole lot more grateful for having resources like this site. The people of China have a huge issue on their hands, the world will be watching this story closely. They take away your means of communication and access to the rest of the world, whats next? your family, your music, your movies, your sexuality, your personality, your humanity.

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