Monday, December 21, 2009

China's forgotten pyramids

When the word Pyramid is used most people will automatically associate the word with the Egyptians or the Mayans. Pyramids are the topic of much controversy and conflict due to the fact they were a) incredibly hard to create b) are scattered throughout the world in places that had no way of communication... In 1945 U.S. Army Air Corps pilot Gaussman reported to have seen massive pyramids within China, at first they were dismissed as hills until further research was done. These pyramids may have been around for a long time but few knew of their existence, this proved that pyramids were not confined to Egypt or South America and that they were in-fact scattered on almost every corner of the planet. Nowadays with modern satellite technology and much easier access to the air we have many pictures and knowledge of these pyramids that are incredibly epic and not given the respect they deserve, one of the pyramids at Mount Li which was built for Qin Shi Huang stands at 250 feet. I have included some pictures and co-rdinates for anyone who interested in the subject.

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