Thursday, December 17, 2009

More drones, Less pay

Fox News is perhaps one of the most biased and controlled news companies in North America, unfortunately it's also one of the largest. Saw this story on Fox and had to share it. There are talks right now that revolve around the idea of lowering minimum wage in the US to create more jobs. When I saw this story it actually made my stomach hurt, the idea of lowering minimum wage in a time where people are barely paying their rent is ridiculous. In the US many states have a minimum wage just over $7, thats barely enough for one person to get by, let-alone a family. If people don't make a fuss about this more and more bills will get passed under the radar. I may live in Canada but this still worries me, we may be a separate nation but it seems like were following their suite more and more each year. One reporter actually words it as if this is a good idea "So that low skilled workers could earn more money" ? sounds more like forcing desperate people into slave work, working more hours for less pay....Ever wonder why your Japanese t.v was assembled in Mexico?

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