Friday, December 11, 2009

Spiral in the sky

Yesterday something strange happened in Northern Norway around 8 a.m, a blue spiral which reached out into the sky was seen by thousands. Normally when I hear about something like this there seems to be a crucial part missing, actual footage. With this case, footage is plentiful with hundreds of pictures and clips showing up all over the internet....Right now the "official" explanation is that the strange lights were the result of a failed Russian sea-based bulava missile launch. Other theories are popping up all over the internet, some claiming this to be the work of aliens, L.H.C and even god. I consider myself an open minded person and a definite believer in alien life but I get the feeling this is man made..... Is it a Bulava missile? I wouldn't bet money on any official statement regarding weaponry, especially when it is concerning space or Russia. I just don't know, regardless though it was an amazing sight, even when seen on grainy youtube videos....There is one thing I find very strange, if this was a Russian rocket test, what a strange day to do it, on the day Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize....Humans are FUNNNY.

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