Thursday, January 14, 2010

Datsik, Excision, Montreal. A real time.

I know ghostwriter already covered this but I just gotta say, the Excision show was hands down the strangest/greatest show I have ever been to. The factory which housed the show was in the middle of the industrial slums, that might sound sketchy but it was actually an amazing place. There is no way to explain the rush of walking into a metal factory in a different province to find hundreds of people raving and dancing; it felt like the blood rave scene from blade, just with a lot more bass and not as much blood... 
         We actually got a ton of footage from the road trip, what else to keep you sane on a 14 hour drive. The strange thing is when we arrived at the factory I started to record and 3 seconds into the first clip my camera let me know that my memory was full, too much filler footage on the way up. I was angry at first but it only took a few second for me to forget entirely and just become part of the mass. I guess the footage wasn't meant to be.
       I honestly could talk all day about the show and how amazing Montreal was, how cool the subway was, how great the food was(best poutine ever), how interesting the architecture and the people were. I didn't know what to expect from montreal, I had heard a lot and figured it was all hype. After staying a few days there I obvisouly don't know everything there is to know, but I can't help but keep a soft spot for that place. From the french culture to the subways and factory raves. Thanks for having us montreal, we will be back. Also to Datsik and Excision and all the other performers at the show, WOW. You guys brang some warmth and lovin to that cold and rusty metal factory. WOMMMMWOMPWOMPWOMAMAMAMMAMA

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