Monday, January 25, 2010

Listen & Compare.

Well keeping on the electronic theme, here's a few songs by various artists. There are two songs by Bibio, (british artist and producer) and then remixes by other artists. It's interesting to compare the original to the remix and see just how Bibio influenced these other artists who play a considerably different style of electro music. Bibio released the artist's remixes on his own album "The Apple and the Tooth" which was released late last year.

1. Bibio- Sugarette
Ambivalence Avenue/09'

2.Wax Stag- Sugarette
The Apple and the Tooth/ 09'
This is a remix of Bibio's Sugarette by Wax Stag, Who I featured last week.

(The artwork in this video is by Alex Grey, who is definitely worth checking out)

3.Bibio- Dwrcan
Ambivalence Avenue/ 09'

4. ESKMO- Dwrcan
The Apple and the Tooth/ 09'
ESKMO is a Dub DJ from San Francisco and is a personal favorite of mine.

P.S. expect to see more of ESKMO in the future.

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