Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mass Effect launch trailer

Mass Effect 2 launches today on PC and Xbox 360, it will continue the story of the original, even letting you import your old character for story-line purposes. The first Mass Effect blurred the lines between movie quality cinematics and gameplay, it was one of the first games to actually suck me in enough to have the atmosphere and characters feel real. Lately I have been playing games mostly for their multi-player (Modern Warfare 2) as I find a majority of new games have shallow and stale story lines. Mass Effect 2's developer Bioware is known for their insane dedication to their projects, they are also known for their insane natural talent. Bioware is the James Cameron/Peter Jackson of game developers. They are one of the few developers left that release quality games instead of cheap cash grabs. Releasing this game in the dead of winter was a good choice, as it can make hours fly by like nothing, I got tomorrow of work, guess what I'll be doing...

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