Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monotonix, Live at the Paragon! Footage!

The crowd screams insanely, elbow to elbow, dancing on a carpet of broken Oland's bottles. A young girl straddles a bass drum, rocking out with cymbals crashing within millimeters of her face. A chandelier takes to swinging from a swift kick delivered by a tattered pair of Chuck Taylors. How did the Paragon reach this level of insanity? Easy, Israeli rockers "Monotonix". Hailing from Tel Aviv, the trio proves that rock n roll is alive and kicking... violently. With heavy guitar licks reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and raw, screeching vocals combined with a steady, driving drumbeat Monotonix set the soundtrack to a night of chaotic, savage dancing and hard partying.
Set to the song "Summers and Autumns", this footage was taken at the Paragon Saturday, January 16th exclusively for The Juice 902. Photographs used are courtesy of Sarah DeVenne.

possibly some more highlights to come, so keep your eyes peeled.

This is not something you wanna miss folks.
For The Juice 902: Inevitanevitable

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The Juice said...

wow man, looks like you had an amazing time. that is some great footage, you crazy bastard.